I change my life when I change my thinking. I am Light. I am Spirit. I am a wonderful, capable being. And it is time for me to acknowledge that I create my own reality with my thoughts. If I want to change my reality, then it is time for me to change my mind.
― Louise L. Hay (via shaktilover)
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Next Girl - The Black Keys

Oh her beautiful face and her wicked ways
And I’m praying for her beautiful face everyday
All that work over, over so much time
if I think too hard, I might lose my mind

Oh my next girl, yeah, will be nothing like my ex girl
I made mistakes back then, I’ll never do it again
Oh my next girl, she’ll be nothing like my ex girl
That was a painful dance, and I got a second chance

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Without deep conversation, my mind becomes restless. I need passion and intellect, it’s a shame that a person often lacks one or the other.
― (via dirt-babe)

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Bon Iver || Brackett, WI

and every summer is a hot token
to the cold, cold take of lust.
and every autumn singes
with the business of sadness.

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Men lies about little,
Some of them cries about little,
Some of them dies about littles,
Everything fight about a spoonful,
Dat spoon, dat spoon, dat …

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